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Heart Smart Arts' in depth one-to-one and group support with a qualified therapist. 

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Art Therapy

with Harriet


Child Therapy

with Tess

  • Heart Smart Arts founder;

  • Qualified Art Psychotherapist (MA);

  • Experienced Teacher;

  • Works with children, adults and families;

  • Uses a client centred approach with an interest in exploring past memories which might be affecting a client today;

  • Experience of working with a large range of SENDs including Attachment disorder and ASC/D;

  • Believes Art can be used as a communication tool;

  • Uses a big range of 2D and 3D art materials and sand tray;

  • Likes getting messy;

  • Loves animals and being outside, especially by the sea.

Click to find out more about Art Therapy.

  • Creative Arts Therapist (UKCP); 

  • Qualified Child and Adolescent therapist (MA)

  • Experienced mental health professional and Early Years specialist (PGCert)

  • Works with children, young people and their parents/ carers and families;

  • Uses a child centred approach which is art and play based rooted in relational therapy; 

  • Experience of working with children of all ages with understanding of neuro-diversity and inclusion;

  • Believes that the creative arts facilitate wellbeing by helping the child to wholeheartedly share their experience; 

  • Has capacity to engage children in the seven forms of creative expression: art, drama/puppetry, sculpture/clay, story, music, movement and sandtray;

  • Has a lifelong love of story and storytelling, art making and cooking;

  • Really enjoys being in nature, observing growth, development and change in plants, animals and people.


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