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Heart Smart Arts' in depth one-to-one and group support with a qualified therapist. 

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Consultation & Art Therapy

with Harriet

Children, adolescents & adults


Child Therapy

with Tess

Children & adolescents

  • Heart Smart Arts founder;

  • Qualified Art Psychotherapist (MA);

  • Experienced Teacher;

  • Works with children, adults and families;

  • Uses a client centred approach with an interest in exploring past memories which might be affecting a client today;

  • Experience of working with a large range of SENDs including Attachment disorder and ASC/D;

  • Believes Art can be used as a communication tool;

  • Uses a big range of 2D and 3D art materials and sand tray;

  • Likes getting messy;

  • Loves animals and being outside, especially by the sea.

Click to find out more about Art Therapy.


Consultation & Psychological Therapy

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with Eloise

Children, families & adults

  • Clinical Psychologist (Doctorate);

  • MBT therapist in training;

  • Health Psychologist (Msc);

  • Works with children, adults and families;

  • Has a hopeful approach for facilitating positive change for people experiencing emotional distress;

  • Extensive NHS experience in multiple settings and a particular interest in supporting those experiencing complex emotional needs;

  • Can offer psychological assessment, psychological therapy (including CBT) and consultation for families navigating NHS services and education authorities such as when seeking assessment for neurodivergent diagnosis;

  • Loves living in Sussex and exploring local woodlands, beaches and towns.



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with Katy

Children & families

  • Child Psychotherapist (UKCP, MA);

  • Works with children, adolescents and their parents/carers and families;

  • Experienced in working therapeutically with children and young people from a wide range of different backgrounds;

  • Uses a child-centred approach with relational and creative methods alongside a curiosity in making links between past experiences and present thoughts, feelings and behaviour;

  • Believes in offering a safe and protected space where play and creativity can be explored at the client’s own individual pace;

  • Experienced in the use of creativity and play as invaluable communication tools, when feelings and experiences can feel unknown, are held in the body or are too difficult to find the words for;

  • Values the simplicity of spending time in nature, especially the beach in all seasons.

  • Creative Arts Therapist (UKCP); 

  • Qualified Child and Adolescent therapist (MA)

  • Experienced mental health professional and Early Years specialist (PGCert)

  • Works with children, young people and their parents/ carers and families;

  • Uses a child centred approach which is art and play based rooted in relational therapy; 

  • Experience of working with children of all ages with understanding of neuro-diversity and inclusion;

  • Believes that the creative arts facilitate wellbeing by helping the child to wholeheartedly share their experience; 

  • Has capacity to engage children in the seven forms of creative expression: art, drama/puppetry, sculpture/clay, story, music, movement and sandtray;

  • Has a lifelong love of story and storytelling, art making and cooking;

  • Really enjoys being in nature, observing growth, development and change in plants, animals and people.


Art Therapy

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with Sarah

Children, families & adults

  • Qualified Art Psychotherapist (MA)

  • Experienced teacher – all key stages in mainstream and special schools.

  • Many years experience of working as an Early Help Keyworker with children and families from all cultures and backgrounds.

  • Trained Forest School Leader

  • Experience of running creative workshops for children and families.

  • Believes that creativity helps us communicate our inner thoughts and feelings when sometimes words are too difficult to express.

  • Provides a wide range of art materials to encourage exploration and play in a safe space.

  • Believes in the therapeutic effects of being outdoors and loves camping, live music, and dancing.


Art Therapy

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with Tina

Children, young people & adults

  • Qualified and experienced Art Psychotherapist (MA)

  • Works with children, young people and adults;

  • Facilitates client's health, wellbeing and 'self-regulation' through a trauma-informed, client-centred and non-directive Art Therapy approach;

  • Creates an environment of trust using tools of mindfulness, empathy and acceptance which supports building nurturing therapeutic relationships.

  • Committed to safeguarding, inclusive and ethical practice;

  • Special interest in nature-based and eco Art Therapy (making art in a nature environment);

  • Also interested in polyvagal theory, mindfulness, meditation and yoga;

  • A passionate artist who paints regularly and enjoys reflective and creative writing.


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