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Playful Family

Could you help local low income families to access therapy and workshops?

Our amazing community funders:

Annonymous donors

With the right support, all young people can go on to live life feeling happy and supported. If you are someone who has experienced therapy or counselling, just imagine how beneficial it would be to access that emotional learning at a young age.

At Heart Smart Arts, we want to do whatever we can to support young people. This means that we are looking for local businesses, organisations and individuals who would be prepared to fund either a block of therapy sessions for a young person or parent, or a single session or some workshops. 

If you are able and generous enough to support us with this mission, we will celebrate you by adding you to our community funders virtual board and our display board here at Rye Creative Centre. We will also notify you details of who you have funded, without names or breaking confidentiality. 

You can choose to directly support now below or you can contact us to speak with us directly using the link below. 

Happy Girls
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