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Find that Feeling FREE printable

Find that Feeling FREE printable



FREE GIFT <3 From Heart Smart Arts which you are very welcome to share with me afterwards or not - your choice!⁠



Morning meltdowns anyone? Yeah, I'd rather not either! In fact there isn't really ever a good time, is there? Supermarket checkout? Nope. 


Lately I've been having a number of parents of young children ask me about what to do when your children are too young to understand what it is they are feeling and not verbal enough yet to explain to you. This results in frustration and sometimes anger on both sides and potentially a whole heap of #parentguilt. 


Here, I have created something super simple to help. This free printable will help you to get your child's focus and attention on what the feeling feels like e.g. jelly legs, wobbly bottom lip, fire heat in my head, rushing sounds in my ears, butterflies in my tummy. Through using whatever you have for markmaking in the house - coloured pens, pencils, highlighters, whatever, you can begin to place, with your child, marks on the body to show what the feeling feels like to them. They can show you with the marks they make and showing you where they feel it. Or, you can ask them what types of mark it should be and help them to choose and label on the body. 


Afterwards you can reflect back the feelings and help them to identify. This is ANGER or FEAR for example and then you can give it a label in the circle at the top of the sheet.


TOP TIP: magnet these to your fridge or somewhere where your child can find or see them easily. 

This is the first step for them to be able to express themselves and self regulate more easily.

This is a FREE RESOURCE - no payment is required. Just click or copy and paste the Pinterest Link, no need to check out:

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