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Worry Cloud

Worry Cloud


Does your child suffer from lots of worries and axious thoughts? Are they more anxious or more clingy to you?


We have just the thing to help! The Worry Cloud.


This gorgeous kid's art activity will help them to find a place to put their worried thoughts and realise that they have control over whether they focus on them or not. It will also support you to be aware of WHAT it is they're worrying about and HOW you can support them more fully.


This little gem will:


  • Help them to self soothe;
  • Help them to discover they can change their thoughts and feelings;
  • And help you both to feel more connected!


What are the benefits?


  • A go-to solution for parents and children when your child is feeling anxious or clingy;
  • A learning opportunity to talk to your child about feelings and how to begin to understand and work with their feelings (and therefore gain knowledge about how you can better support them);
  • A playful opportunity to express their creativity through colour choice, hand printing, decorating.



What's in the pack?


  • Your 'How To' guide;
  • 2 x Felt pieces cut into clouds and an uncut coloured piece for eyes and mouth.
  • 1 x pot of glue and a wooden glue spatula;
  • String;
  • 5 x pegs;
  • Rainbow coloured ribbon;
  • Optional cotton wool for stuffing.



This activity helps your children to be more able to and more independent at managing their emotions. Emotional resilience and understanding here we come! Win win!


There is no age limit for this activity, but we recommend that it works best for children of primary school age. Younger children will need more support with making the cloud and when to use it in general.


Get yours now!

Felt colour for face
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