Recharge Button Kit

Recharge Button Kit


Heart Smart Arts' very own and better (we think!) answer to the 'naughty corner'. This is the RECHARGE BUTTON!


The Recharge Button is a fun way to help children 'Power Up!' OR 'calm down' and importantly give them a plan of action for when they are feeling upset. This little gem will: 

- Help them to discover what they are feeling;

- Give them some options for what to do to feel better;

- And how put these into action!


What are the benefits?


* A go-to solution for parents and children when your child is having a bad day/ a meltdown/ feeling sad;

* Positive behaviour management and reinforcement;

* An opportunity to talk to your child about feelings and how to begin to understand and work with their feelings (and therefore gain knowledge about how you can better support them);

* A playful opportunity to express their creativity through colour choice, hand printing, decorating;

* A thoughtful explorations of the emotions, what they mean, how they might happen and what to do when they do;


What's in the pack?


* Your 'How To' guide;

* The 'Recharge button' (a specially chosen cardboard box for you to design);

* 1 x 100ml pot of paint in a colour of your choice for hand printing the button;

* Emotion cards to design and go inside the button.


How does it work?


Children can keep this button somewhere safe like their bedroom or it could even be mounted on the wall. It can be used in two ways:


1) Whenever they need a 'recharge' (e.g. some energy, to calm down, to wake up, to soothe themselves), they can put their hand on the button and take some deep breaths. This works by flooding the brain with feel good hormones amongst other important things. We go into more detail about how to do this and why this works in the pack!


2) Inside the 'button' will be some cards which your child has created with you to help them. When something has happened which means they are feeling a negative emotion (or showing negative behaviour), they can find the feeling in the box and look at the 3+ suggestions they have put on the back of the card in order to feel better.


This helps your child to:

 - Identify their feelings;

 - Identify a way to feel better;

 - Put it into action! 


All of which makes them more able to and more independent at managing their emotions. Emotional resilience and understanding here we come! Win win!


There is no age limit for this activity but we recommend that it works best for children of primary school age. Younger children will need more support with completing the emotion cards and using the button in general


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