Grounding Creatures Kit

Grounding Creatures Kit


Grounding Creatures help us to feel ‘grounded’ or give us something else to focus on or distract ourselves with when we are feeling stressed or panicked. They are designed to be small and can be kept in your pocket so they are there whenever you need them!


What are the benefits?


* Anxiety support available whwnever your child (or you!) need it;

* A symbol of safety and reasurance to reassure your child when they are away from home or from you;

* An opportunity to talk to your child about when and what makes them anxious (and therefore gain knowledge about how you can better support them), share your own experiencs and let them know it's OK to feel anxious sometimes;

* A playful opportunity to express their creativity through colour choice, shape making, feature creation;

* A fun way to practise fine motor skills (particularly hand and writing muscles) and stregthen muscles in the hands for those who this is tricky;


What's in the pack?


• 4 x Coloured Clay;

• Your 'How To' guide.


How does it work? (The Science behind the Art)


When we are feeling stressed or panicked our thoughts often become like a broken record – all very similar, all negative and can feel as though they are getting faster and faster. Our body reacts to us feeling stressed and our heart begins to pump faster, adrenaline kicks in which makes us feel as though we need to go into survival mode. We might breathe faster. All of this, if we are being really honest, doesn’t feel great. In fact, it feels terrible! Do you agree?


Grounding Creatures are like a kind of protector you can keep in your pocket. Whenever you are feeling a bit stressed you can pull one out and instead of *all those thoughts we just talked about* you can focus on the smoothness or the textures, the weight in your hand, the colours, the face of your creature. You can imagine what kind of life it might like, if it has a family and friends and what they might be like… And before you know it you’ve created a secret world for your creature.


All of which sounds WAAAY more fun!


Purchase yours here! 

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