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Gratitude Box

Gratitude Box


Are you looking for a mood booster for your little people at home?


Anything to get them off screens for ten minutes and doing something meaningful and of value?!


Would you like to have a great distractor tactic for when things look like they might be about to kick off? Hello friend!


We’ve got you.


Heart Smart Arts presents: THE GRATITUDE BOX!


Opposing feelings – like sad and happy - don’t really like to be happening at the same time. They can, but it feels… uncomfortable! So, a bit like a see-saw or a set of scales, the more we help our children practise having happy feelings, the more likely they will return to a happier mood AND more often.


The Gratitude Box can work for anyone of any age, it's not just for children. It also makes the most thoughtful gift for someone.


What are the benefits?


* A happiness boost whenever your child (or you!) needs it;

* A truly special way to store meaningful memories where they can be revisited again and again as a family or individually;

* An opportunity to find out which moments really matter and have a positive impact on your child's wellbeing (and therefore gain knowledge about how you can do more of this!);

* A playful opportunity to express their creativity through material and colour choices, decorations and how to record their memories;

* A bonding opportunity which will help you as a family feel close connection with one another;

* An opportunity for memory recall and storytelling.


What's in the pack?


A strong carboard box (either a star or cloud shape)

Different coloured pieces of paper

Paints or tissue paper and glue depending on what you chose


A sticker label

Your 'How To' guide


This activity is suitable for children of 4 upwards and can even be for adults or families as a whole. Younger children will need more support with the written notes to go inside the box.


***Please note: Choose one colour of tissue paper or paint with your order and we will contact you to check which other colours you would like.***

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