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Family Puzzle FREE printable

Family Puzzle FREE printable



FREE GIFT <3 From Heart Smart Arts which you are very welcome to share with me afterwards or not - your choice!⁠

This shared crisis which we are going through is testing many families to their limits - emotionally, financially, physically and in other ways.⁠

I invite you to have some time together as a family to create a family puzzle. It may feel a bit luxurious or flippant to have time for art making when there are so many other priorities but this is self-care, this is looking after your mental health, which is **essential** for coping during a crisis. ⁠

Each family member will have one puzzle piece and make an image using whatever you have to reflect how the coronavirus is impacting them. They don't need to be perfect, they can be stick drawings, collage, messy paint, whatever. ⁠

Once you have completed your pieces, bring them together and give each person a few moments to speak about what they made and what has been coming up for them.⁠

You can then join the pieces together to create a 'shared experience' and a symbol that you are going through this crisis together, yet experiencing it differently. Everyone's puzzle piece is relevant and important and you will gain a insightful understanding of one another and how you're feeling. ⁠

This is a FREE RESOURCE - no payment is required. 


You can even create your own on big pieces of paper!

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