Dragon Mouse Kit

Dragon Mouse Kit


Create your own DRAGON MOUSE puppet with this kit!


Dragon Mouse is all about pretend play. Once you have created your puppet you can practise having BIG angry feelings (Dragon) or little scared feelings (Mouse). You can also practise 'repair' or making better afterwards by just being you!


Feelings are fun but sometimes when we don't know what to do with them we feel stuck or upset. Dragon Mouse lets us know it's safe to have HUGE feelings and all feelings are OK. Feelings need to move and sometimes we need to check in and make sure everyone is OK afterwards and this helps you to do just that. 


In your pack you will find:

  • Felt pieces to make the puppet;
  • Small felt pieces to make the faces;
  • A wooden needle and thread to sew the puppet (simple);
  • Glue to stick on things like eyes and noses;
  • A paintbrush to help with glueing;
  • Your 'How-to' pack to guide you through.


We hope you love this art pack as much as we do!

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