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Dragon Mouse Puppet

Dragon Mouse Puppet


Do you have a little one at home who lashes out or has explosive and (sometimes uncontrollable) feelings? Meltdown town, anyone?! We’ve all been there, no judgement here.


Or maybe you have a child who jumps and hides and seems overly sensitive to what’s going on around them?


In both cases you might find yourself wishing you could teach your child a way to become more resilient under stress, but how do you teach that to a tiny child?


We hear you! And we have got something really special for you and your child:


This is the DRAGON MOUSE puppet!


Dragon Mouse is all about pretend play. Once you have created your puppet your child can practise having BIG angry feelings (Dragon) and little scared feelings (Mouse). They can also practise 'repair' or making better afterwards by being the hand in the middle and having the chance to learn from you what clues they might need to look for (sad faces or grumpy parents/ friends) which might mean they need to ‘make better’ or say sorry.


What are the benefits?

  • Help your child to know that it is safe to have BIG feelings and that they are there to show us something (we will give you all the know how about what to say and how to do this on the adult cheat sheet in the pack);
  • Support your child to develop more resilience, emotional coping mechanisms and a growth mindset and all through fun and play – Hello, super parent!
  • Have fun and help your child to feel connected, nurtured and understood by you;


What’s in the pack?


Pre-cut felt pieces to make the puppet;

A wooden needle and thread to sew the puppet (simple);

Glue to stick on things like eyes and noses;

A paintbrush to help with glueing;

Your 'How-to' pack to guide you through.


We hope you love this art pack as much as we do! RAWHR!! Squeek-squeek!

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