Affirmation Band Kit

Affirmation Band Kit


Affirmation bands are possibly the coolest art pack we’ve come up with yet! Whenever you want your children to feel safer, more loved, or more of a certain feeling e.g. I want to feel more brave, these little magic bands will help you do it! And they have to do is make it and wear it and it will work! Really cool, huh?



What are the benefits?


* The opportunity to get positive affirmative messages to the uncoscious brain (who actually runs the show);

* A symbol of reasurance and connection to support your child at any time during the day;

* An opportunity to talk to your child about what they would like to feel more, how they would like their future to look and feel and anything they find particularly difficult in their everyday life (and therefore gain knowledge about how you can better support them);

* A playful opportunity to express their creativity and style through colour choice, attachments added and how to wear their band (who says it has to be on their wrist!);

* A fun way to practise fine motor skills (particularly hand and writing muscles) and stregthen muscles in the hands for those who this is tricky;


What's in the pack?


* Two pieces of waxed cord (one long, one short);

* Letter beads plus spacer beads;

* Extra coloured beads;

* Your 'How-To' pack.



How does the Affirmation band work? (The Science behind the Art)


Affirmations help us step into our greatness (because sometimes we forget how brilliant we are!). So, say your child was feeling a bit shook up after a really horrible nightmare OR they were super anxious on their first day of school, they could wear a band which says I AM SAFE. Each time they look at it, they can take a breath and think that thought in their head and they will actually start to feel safer. Whatsmore, they will feel connected to you which will help more than you could know!


Affirmations work by getting into our subconscious brains which run on autopilot. When we see a message enough times, it becomes installed in our beliefs and there is stays unless something significant happens to make us change our mind (e.g. a traumatic event) in which case, back out comes the affirmation band. 


Round beads or cubic beads? Secret message or bold one? The round beads will spin around naturally so your message will be partially hidden unless you turn it to face the right way (perfect for any self-conscious teenagers for example). The cubic beads have letters on all four sides so the message will always show. 


The message beads are plain wood colour and the coloured beads will be the ends and fastener.


We love these little bands, even Harriet wears one! (I am enough! - if you're interested ;) )


Get yours here! You could even do your own one with your child <3

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