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Build deeper connection and support your child's wellbeing all from the safety of home. 

Art packs inspired by Art Therapy.

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Who are we?

Hi, I'm Harriet!

I'm an HCPC registered Art Therapist and experienced primary school teacher.

I help busy parents who are struggling with or worried about their children's emotional behaviour to:

                          feel more connected 

                 better understand the                               emotion behind the behaviour

         feel more confident to deal with it

Art Therapy starts from £50 -70 per session. These Art packs support your children to feel listened to and help you understand what they are really feeling for a fraction of that price. 

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school-age children

has a mental health


That's not someone else's child - that's ours or a child we love.

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It's time we put children's

mental health



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your child.

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