Messy Mind Kit

Messy Mind Kit


In celebration of Children's Mental Health Week we are realeasing a new kit this week.


My messy mind is all about the noise that sometimes goes on inside our mind. By noise, I mean, all the busy thoughts that sometimes seem too loud or too much and can make us feel anxious or stressed. Sometimes it feels like there are so many going on that it’s hard to focus!


It’s really OK to have lots of busy thoughts but only if they are helping you and feel good, NOT if they are making you feel bad. So Messy Mind is a space to put down some of those thoughts onto a HUGE piece of paper so that they are on the paper and no longer in your head.


Once they are on the paper, if they worry you, you can speak to your adult about the thoughts and get their help. This can really help you feel better about them, but you may also find that in getting them out of your mind, you aren’t worried about them so much anymore. It’s a bit magic!


In your pack you will find:


  • A GINORMOUS piece of paper;
  • 4 pots of paint in your chosen colours;
  • A paintbrush;
  • Your ‘How-to’ pack which you’re reading now!


And it all comes in a cool box which is perfect for making into something interesting another time!


This activity can be done as many times and as often as you like and it suitable for anyone from 3+. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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