Gratitude Jar Kit (your jar)

Gratitude Jar Kit (your jar)


Heart Smart Arts presents: THE GRATITUDE JAR! 


The Gratitude Jar is designed to bring more joy and gratitude into your life! When we are feeling great or have a fun experience we can write something and put it in our jar for when we are not feeling so good. Sort of like, save some for later. When we feel a bit low, we can get out the gratitude jar to lift our mood to somewhere more joyful and positive.


The Gratitude Jar can work for anyone of any age, it's not just for children. It also makes the most thoughtful gift for someone.


What are the benefits?


* A happiness boost whenever your child (or you!) needs it;

* A truly special way to store meaningful memories where they can be revisited again and again as a family or individually;

* An opportunity to find out which moments really matter and have a positive impact on your child's wellbeing (and therefore gain knowledge about how you can do more of this!);

* A playful opportunity to express their creativity through material and colour choices, decorations and how to record their memories;

* A bonding opportunity which will help you as afamily feel close connection with one another;

* An opportunity for memory recall and storytelling.


What's in the pack?


•    Different coloured pieces of paper

•    Paints or tissue paper and glue depending on what you chose

•    Ribbon or ties

•    A sticker label

•    Your 'How To' guide


How does it work?


You keep the Gratitude Jar somewhere safe, like your bedroom on a windowsill or shelf. When you make the gratitude jar you will put in 4 or 5 pieces of paper, each with a memory or feel good experience you’ve had written on them. Whenever something really great happens you will write yourself a little note to remember and pop it in the jar. The reason it is called a ‘gratitude’ jar is because gratitude means grateful so essentially, we’re putting in things which we are grateful for. 


When you need a little mood boost, or even a big mood boost you can go and find a quiet space to take out your gratitude jar. Open the jar and pick out a piece of paper and read what’s on it. Remember the happy memory or idea and let it help you smile or laugh or feel a bit better. Keep taking out pieces of paper and reading what’s on them until you feel happier or until you get to the end. The more you add to your jar, the better it will make you feel. So, it’s worth finding a few minutes, every so often, to add some new memories or experiences to the jar. Kind of like a savings jar. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out of your bank of ‘HAPPY’!


The science bit:


The reason the Gratitude Jar works so well is because our sad feelings and our happy feelings don’t really like to be happening at the same time. They can, but it feels a bit uncomfortable. So, a bit like a see-saw, the more happy feelings you put on, the more likely it will swing to a happier mood. 


When we remember a good event and then feel the good feelings we felt, happy chemicals are released into our brain, even though we are not at that happy memory now. It’s really important to feel the good feelings, so try and remember what it felt like in your body at the time. Use it like a happy super charge to get you to a better feeling place. 


When you purchase your pack you will get everything you need to decorate your jar and a how-to pack with instructions about how to use it. PLEASE NOTE: The actual jar doesn't come in the pack - we recommend you raid your recycling bin for that! <3 


This activity is suitable for children of 4 upwards and can even be for adults or families as a whole. Younger children will need more support with the written notes to go inside the jar.


***Please note: Choose one colour of tissue paper or paint with your order and we will contact you to check which other colours you would like.***


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